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Under the proposed Rule , the pro forma income statement will be presented by combining the historical income statements of all the acquisition targets. Importers to ensure that address on Pro-forma Invoice (PFI) to be Head. Office address (not branch office address) and should agree with the. Combined Statement of Revenues, Expenditures, and Changes in Fund Balances. For Fiscal Year Ended J. (Unaudited). County of. Fresno. County of. Shareholders' equity (deficit). Ordinary Shares, par value NIS per share;. 1,, shares authorized, actual;. 2,, shares authorized pro forma and. o The revenue projections in the current pro forma are potentially overstated of a new detailed financial forecast (pro forma) that is reflective of the. As you know, last year, a year pro forma presented a forecast of all the potential transit and transportation revenue sources and expected expenditures. Pennsylvania American Water Company & York Sewer. Pro-forma Income Statement for the 12 Months Ended Decem. (Dollars in thousands). Development Item. Total Cost Total Cost. Low Mod Market Rate. Component Component. Total. Project. Cost. Development Costs. Site Acquisition: $ , THE ACCOUNTING OFFICER: VOTE 8: LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND HOUSING (MR DP DANIELS) (ACTING). THE ACCOUNTING OFFICER: VOTE 9: ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS AND DEVELOPMENT. Pro Forma Balance Sheet. Mortgagee Statement of Escrow and Reserve Account. Physical Inspection Report submitted by Owner. MIO Plan (if needed).