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the creation of abstract concept-objects by mirroring common features or attributes of various non-abstract objects or systems of study – the result of the. All abstractions from precipitation, viz. those due to evaporation, transpiration, infiltration, surface detention and storage, are considered as losses in. The various abstractions from precipitation can be elaborated as: a) Evaporation b) Transpiration c) Infiltration d) Surface Detention e) Storage..a). Abstraction From Precipitation. -١. Engineering Hydrology All quantities are in units of volume (m3) or depth (mm) over a reference. Area. p,. V. Various – Abstractions Vol. 1. Label: Swerve Recordings (2) – ABS Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Unofficial Release. Country. If an abstraction has too many members, it becomes difficult or even impossible to implement. If it has too few members for the promised. but (b) in the service of language use, re-represent these exemplars at multiple levels of abstraction, as simulated by computational. Abstraction isn't a style or movement; it can exist in all art to a certain degree. Various dictionaries define Abstraction as 'freedom from. In this work, the following hydrogen abstraction reactions of the cyano radical with various small closed-shell molecules will be investigated using. Theories are often abstractions; so a theory about economics, for instance, may "pull back" to take a broad view that somehow explains all of economics (but.