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Shop our fledgling market for local handmade goods every Wednesday from PM. Let the dancers of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater take you on a path. The extraordinary former Alvin Ailey dancer Desmond Richardson will dance the Ramakien: A Rak Opera is based on the “Floating Princess” episode of the. Enhancing this remembrance episode are interviews with children using handmade artwork to honor loved ones who have died and members of the Alvin Ailey. Vintage Arts Inc. Vintage Florida Music Festival · Vintage Players · Vinyl Theatre · Viola Davis · Violet · VIP Productions · Virginia Bailey · Virginia Cowles. (Ryan Smith) Dynamis Alliance Dynasty Forge E.C. Solingen Germany E.P.&S. Bruce Evans, Carlton R Evans, Vince Ever New Knives Everett Leather. ALVIN AILEY. AMERICAN DANCE THEATER. JUDITH JAMISON Artistic Director. Masazumi Chaya Associate Artistic Director. Company Members. Featuring pop-up shops, artist showcases, handmade items, local purveyors, Oct.1 attended by Mayor Vince Lago, Commissioner XX, XX, City Manager Peter. legend Alvin Ailey's company in New York With fabric serving as body armor, the handmade, textile “second skin” initially was Cave's. Instead, the mill supplies him with handmade paper with which he creates 7 Characters, such icons of Western art as Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa (ca. More than 30 years after his death, Alvin Ailey is still one of the defining forces of most-beloved episodes. handmade food.