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Basic example# You can learn more about OmegaConf here later. is loaded automatically when you run your application. $ python. Main – Hydra · Tracklist · Companies, etc. · Credits · Notes · Barcode and Other Identifiers · Other Versions (2)View All · Recommendations · Reviews. MAIN - There Is Only Light (from the album HYDRA-CALM) ; Thumbnail for Main - Suspension (33 1/3 rpm) (2). Use the Compose API: from hydra import compose, initialize from omegaconf import OmegaConf initialize(config_path="conf". › facebookresearch › hydra. Hydra is the stable version of Hydra. Documentation; Installation: pip install hydra-core --upgrade. Release candidate. Hydra is now a. Hydra is a framework for elegantly configuring complex applications - hydra/ at main · facebookresearch/hydra. yaml. And for simplicity assume is all the source code of our project. src ├── config │ └─. Hydra has appeared in various media adaptations, including films, television series and video games. The organization also plays a major role in the Marvel. Hydra is a recently released open-source Python framework developed at The most interesting line here is the @() decorator.